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About us

Meet Kimberly Pieper, the owner of Queen of Clean Mansfield!


Ever since she was a little girl, Kimberly was the epitome of a neat freak. When it came to dealing with stressors in life, Kim always found her peace by cleaning and organizing to cope with her anxiety. She shared her passion with her family as she had her three beautiful kids. “When life gets rough, and you are dealing with your everyday nuisances, nothing feels better, physically and mentally, than walking into a clean and organized home,” Kim reveals. Her passion translated to opening her own cleaning business with her husband of 10+ years, Will Pieper. Together, they pride themselves on providing A+ quality cleaning services to their community. Kim and Will’s whole purpose is supporting local residents and businesses and finding ways for people to come together as a family.


Queen of Clean Mansfield is proud to offer top-notch cleaning and organizing services to families and individuals in Mansfield and surrounding communities. Thank you for trusting the Piepers to help you find peace in your home!

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