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Service Description 

Residential Clean

- Light switches wiped
- Exterior cabinet doors spot wiped
- Backsplash wiped
- Appliance exterior wiped
- Kickplate wiped
- Counters fully wiped and sanitized
- Floors mopped 
- Windowsills vacuumed
- Tabletop wiped

-Sink polished

-Appliances polished

-Inside microwave wiped


- Sink cleaned and sanitized
- Light switches wiped
- Shower or tub cleaned and sanitized 
- Toilets cleaned and sanitized
- Countertops cleaned and sanitized
- Cabinets and doors spot wiped
- Windowsills wiped
- Glass and mirrors smudge free
- Chrome shined 
- Trash emptied
- Floors mopped
- Baseboards dusted
- Handles disinfected 

- Ceiling fan cover vacuumed 

- Light fixture dusted

- Exterior of all cabinetry wiped

- Toilet paper holder and towel rack polished

- Toothbrush holder wiped

- Shower doors and fixtures cleaned


Living Room/Bedroom/Office:
- All glass cleaned and smudge free
- Light switches wiped
- Fresh bedding (only if beds are stripped and fresh bedding is left out)
- Trash emptied 
- Rooms are tidied
- Decor is dusted
- All furniture is dusted 
- Floors are vacuumed/mopped 

- Baseboards vacuumed (scrubbed/wiped baseboards is an additional charge)

- Washer and Dryer wiped

- Spot wiped walls

- Tidy of area

Office Clean

- Floors mopped and vacuumed
- Appliances and counters wiped


- Floors mopped and
- Toilet paper holder polished


- Baseboards vacuumed 
- Appliances and counter wiped
- Tidy of area

- Floors wiped



Professional organization will need to have an in-person or video call consultation before determining the exact services needed. 

Most organization jobs require a basic clean that consist of dusting and wiping, and then re organization. 

We specialize in garages, closets, kitchen, and much more!

Our Team.

Our Process

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