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Pricing Set up

Residential Clean

Base pay of $115 (1 bed, 1 bath)

Add Ons:

- Bedroom(s) $12 per room

- Bathroom(s) $20 per bathroom

- Dishwasher $26

- Baseboards $15

- Blinds $35

- Washer/Dryer $45

- Inside Oven $30

- Fridge $36

- Inside Cabinets $30

- Garage $70

- Rug cleaning $30 per rug

- Upholstery cleaning $25 per unit

- Carpet cleaning *(contact us)

*Price may differ in quote depending on state of home.

Office Commercial

Our price for  Office/Commercial/ cleaning is based on the amount of rooms and bathrooms, squared footage, and mile distance from our location.

Janitorial cleanings are priced higher due to it being periodical and the extent of our cleaning. Please view our Janitorial cleaning description in our Service page.


For professional organizing, we charge $80 per hour. To receive an estimated quote, customers must first send us photos of what needs organizing. This can be sent via text, email, or a facetime call.

For more information, please give us a call or contact us through our chat channel. 

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